use13 - Stata module to import data in Stata 13 format into Stata 10-12

use13 will import to Stata 10-12 the Stata 13 files based on the specification 117 of the new dataset format released by StataCorp in 2013.


use13 facilitates data exchange between users who have not updated to the new version of Stata and other users, who have Stata 13 already. Stata is backwards compatible and all new versions read files produced with any previous version. However older versions of Stata do not understand newer formats. A proper way of sending data to older version is to use Stata's command saveold, but it is only an option for the data producer posessing Stata 13 already.

Here is what the users need to know about the assumptions and limitations of use13:


To install use13 type literally the following in Stata's command prompt:

   findit use13

Then click on the link for -use13- in the Stata's viewer and click the -install- link.

The above installation instructions are sufficient in most cases when Stata is permitted to access the Internet. To transfer files to a computer not connected or not permitted to connect to the Internet, manually copy the files from the distribution package.

To install use10 proceed to use10 page for instructions.


To import a file type the following command in Stata's command line:

   use13 filename

For example:

   use13 C:\Data13\auto.dta

Filenames with spaces or commas must be enclosed in quotes:

   use13 "C:\My Data 13\auto.dta"

If your data in memory is modified, and you want to proceed anyway, specify option clear:

   use13 "C:\My Data 13\auto.dta", clear

Web data is also accessible with this command:

   use13 ""
Datasets accompanying Stata releases are available on Stata Press website.

To get information about the program, type:

   mata use13_about()

Note that Stata's built-in file manipulation commands are not affected by use13, and you will continue getting error 610 on attempt to use them with Stata 13 files. Read more in this clarification.

More information

I am grateful to Dartmouth College, Princeton University, and University of California, Davis for recommending use13 to their users. Chuck Huber (StataCorp) also recommended use13 to directly read the data from Stata 13 files in the Stata Blog.

Author and support

In case you are experiencing a problem converting a dataset, refere to the following troubleshooting reference first, before requesting assistance.

use13 was written by Sergiy Radyakin. To contact the author send email to sradyakin/at/